4 Nov 2015

a mighty fine beatles playlist for people that don't like the beatles

I feel like a large percentage of music fans fall into two categories; bloody loving the Beatles having had them as a really formative band, or just don't get the whole The Bealtes Are The Best Thing Ever thing. Sure, lots of people feel somewhere in between, because the band were just really, really good and really, really likeable, but when I was a hell of a lot younger than today, I just thought The Beatles were really overrated and I didn't feel like I was in a HUGE minority.

This is a playlist for the people that similarly find The Beatles grossly overrated, because I too was once like you. But there's another way. Here's some of the band's most out there, innovative, and still sonically fresh material put into one playlist for your enjoyment and education; give it a listen, with an open mind, etc.

The most of this playlist is made up of their psychedelic, innovative stuff; Love You To, Tomorrow Never Knows and Eleanor Rigby all coming from the band's magnum opus, Revolver, which I'd say is probably the best complete album to listen to if you're a Beatle-cynic, because it's just so good.

A lot of the best bits on the playlist come from the band really trying to push boundaries; the backwards guitar on Rain, those moogy fades on I want you (she's so heavy), and the crazy musique concrete thing going on with Revolution #9. All of these should be adored and taken on board by fans of anything experiemental, because they're just mad tracks for the time, as well as brilliantly written songs in their own right.

As well as that, I slipped a few of their great pop songs in towards the end, because let's face it; no one hates Here Comes the Sun or Twist and Shout. NO ONE. And you can't even get away from the brilliant songwriting of Eleanor Rigby, Norwegian Wood or even I am the Walrus, which has lyrical brilliance in the way that - if you take away all meaning from them - the words sound fantastic and give the song a really great sense of momentum, y'know?

There's 18 songs on the playlist, so it should be enough Beatles to chew over, and make you rethink your thoughts on the band.

listen to it below or here

(written by calum cashin)