4 Nov 2015

Dolores Haze / The Haze is Forever (album review)

Messy grunge with an undeniably cool, cutting quality to it, Dolores Haze's debut album is arriving in November, and it's a brilliant collection of work by one of the coolest upcoming bands in the world. Led by incredibly cool frontwoman Groovy Nicks, Dolores Haze are Sweden's coolest girl gang, with the band and their thrashy music being just the right mix of being mesmerising to watch and listen to and absolutely unapproachably intimidating.

The Haze Is Forever is the band's first full length, and well, maybe you'd question just how full length it is with its collection of 8 punchy punk rock nuggets, but that doesn't matter. This is brilliantly youthful, and has the same pummeling energy of Bikini Kill or Sleater-Kinney, making it perfect listening for angsty teenagers like yours truly.

The title track is Dolores Haze at their most punk rock; it's brimming with the lively energy that the band have in their incredible live performance. Similarly with the daunting menace of short number Milk, mixing up quiet trembling vocals with overpowering riffs, Nicks' vocals just build up a bit of a witchlike mythology around the band, as Dolores Haze seem a bit like the kind of band that might be a secret witches coven on the side of making noise rock.

Screeching The Garden is the album's last song, and probably my highlight; again, it sees Nicks' musical persona seeming so effortlessly cool, and this time overtly provocative and overtly murderous, whilst the rest of the band provide some of the more electrifying grungey guitar playing this side of the Atlantic, and that side of The North Sea.

It's a short, punchy record, but The Haze Is Forever is the kinda album that just suits the angsty messy haired teenage demographic down to the ground, and seeing as the band are one of the coolest live acts on the circuit, I'd ten outta ten recommend getting out of your squalor to see them on their next UK tour.


(written by calum cashin)