18 Nov 2015

Fever just uploading a fuzzy garage nugget and you'll LOVE it

The south coast - namely Southampton - has been a real hotbed for incredible bands recently. RA!'s experimental bedroom pop is the best new thing I've heard this year, Melt Dunes' heady shows of sprawling psychedelia are among the best live shows you can attend, and Palms and Pelicans are a field leading dream-pop band, with the emphasis being on punchy pop songs. So it's no surprise that the next band I'm here to make you feel in love with, Fever, are part of the city's vibrant music scene.

A four piece, Fever make that kinda scuzzy surf rock that just sounds best when heard at a high volume in a local dive. With a real slacker aesthetic, Fever are a really fuckin cool indie band that no doubt will go on to have a place in the hearts of lots of indie kids nationwide.

Their latest effort, snotty fuzz-pop banger Sucker sees an infectious chorus that drives the song along, and some brilliant guitar thrashes that summon images of Pavement and Supergrass. The main pull of this track is probably the trembling voice of frontman Connor Smith, equally gripping on every track they've uploaded, his punchy voice distinguishes Fever from some all too faceless indie contemporaries.

The band's material online is scant, with this and the rumbling Shellshock debut single the only things you can hear right now, but it's definitely not testimony to how bloody good this band are; pretty big in the local music scene, having played great support slots for the likes of Hooton Tennis Club and Yak, it's only a matter of time before they become beloved on a local level.

Hear the new track SUCKER below, and follow Fever at @FEVERTHEBAND

(written by calum cashin)