11 Nov 2015

Hinds / San Diego (single review)

With just 2 months till Hinds’ release their debut album Leave Me Alone a new single, San Diego, has been streamed on their soundcloud.

Loud and full of energy San Diego holds nothing surprising, but it shows a lot of development into more complicated guitar riffs and a fuller sound.This track is quite poppy, but has a rawness that comes through in both Carlotta and Ana’s vocals and the way they work together.

Hinds describe this song as being “about staying awake, just staying awake” which makes sense as there is nothing terribly deep or heady in this track,  there isn’t anything that makes you want to cry. It is quite the opposite really. There is a very typically garage sound in this song as it is slightly rough around the edges and not completely, polished which personally I love, and is one of the things that makes Hinds a bit different from an all-too-polished wave of indie bands. Although this song is nothing new or shocking, it’s a good, easy listen and promises good things for the album.

(written by isobel mcleod)