12 Nov 2015

Ko_Plune / Panda (single review)

Ko_Plune, a female fronted alternative four piece from Southampton, have just released their debut single, the charming funked-up soft grunge Panda.

Knowing nothing about the band, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard female vocals which sound vaguely like Paramore's Hayley Williams. Courtney Grey provides an inspiring and confident vocal take on the track, which is one of Ko_Plune's strongest assets.

The song, which is great; starts with a bolshy and loud sequence, which subtly builds to a dreamy indie-pop recurring riff, I am a huge fan of this.

The vocals are poetic and soft, which is complimented by indie-pop style riffs which where mentioned earlier, combined these elements have created what is a huge accomplishment for the band.

About four minutes in, there is a facemelting guitar solo, which I am a sucker for. The solo elevates the songs potential to succeed massively as it clearly reflects the tight musical talent Ko_Plune have.

Overall, the band's debut single is great, it's fresh, original and has elements of what is needed to make any song a success. Ko_Plune have also revealed through various social media sites that they are working on their first EP, which I'm sure will be another great release.

follow the band for updates at @ko_plune

(written by ruby kenwright)