2 Nov 2015

The Velvet Hands / Games/Who Cares (single review)

This week we put up our review of Falmouth's premier surf-rock band The Black Tambourines' second LP, Freedom. Not ones to rest, the band's guitarist Sam Stacpoole has produced the debut double A-side of fast-rising Cornish duo The Velvet Hands, and it's a thrashy, self-assured gem that is the start of a very promising career.

The Velvet Hands, sorta like Beach House, revolve around the core frontal duo of Toby Mitchell and Dan Able - both of whom are eighteen, play noodly garage rock guitars, and toss vocal duties between one another - who tend to just rope in whoever's 'in the right place at the right time' to play the drums or the bass parts.

Their debut single is made up of the songs Who Cares (below) and Games (above), two energetic numbers that wouldn't be out of place on Is This It. Games is a punchy number that channels small-town teenage angst, as the two frontmen hurl vocals at each other in the style of Palma Violets' Chilli Jesson and Sam Fryer, except you get the feeling that The Velvet Hands have more than one timeless single in their arsenal.

The other side to the single is equally memorable boisterous garage thrash, and accompanied by a brilliantly psychedelic video that again, gives you the impression that these lads are channeling that small-town angst that was so prevalent in the USA's 1960s garage psych scene, as the band flit around a seaside town with guitars in tow. With a voice not unlike Julian Casablancas at his best, or James Murphy on the Sound Of Silver album, the singer of Who Cares has a punchy croon that perfectly matches the raucous punch of their sleazy garage guitar sound.

games/who cares is out now
(written by calum cashin)