27 Dec 2015

ALXNDR / RWND (EP review)

ALXNDR, a three piece alt rock band from Newcastle have debuted their EP RNWD a small however promising collection of what ALXNDR love to create, 90s infused, summery, indie-pop. Some may argue that the band have a similar sound to The 1975's earlier stuff.

The band are already some-what of a success, bagging a BBC introducing live session and a huge social media fanbase, not to mention their previous tour which included several sold out shows.

The first song their release RWND is Drive a fantastic, laid-back approach on classic indie songs, the simplicity of the track enables us to listen further and perhaps subconsciously analyse lyrics that give us a greater understanding of the track's lyrical themes of escapism.

Second, is The Pick Up, which again is relaxed however still amazing, it is clear that ALXNDR's sound is meant for those summer nights. Other tracks off the debut include 'Gemini' a gentle love song, Four A.M a fresh burst of indie fun, which include hooks and riffs that compliment the general mood of the song perfectly, and You and Me which has a slight hint of psychedelia in breaks throughout; I feel this works well contrasted against the indie pop impression the band have prevailed in notoriously.

ALXNDR are overall brilliant, the EP is rich with what fans of the genre the band play love, fun, excitement and tainted love.

The band will be back celebrating their successes with a headline tour in the new year.
Be sure to catch a show!


(written by ruby kenwright)