21 Dec 2015

ENTRODUCING #1 - The Goa Express

Over the course of Christmas and New Year I'm going to write a bit about lots of bands you probably haven't heard about, in the hope that everyone will find a new obsession; the first of these is The Goa Express, a 5 piece that make authentic psychedelic garage revival music.

The band have two songs on soundcloud; the first is The Reincarnation of the Lizard Queen, a strutting garage number that sounds as at first as though it could be a harmonic garage rock Jean Genie, before exploding into a fuzzed out Madchester groove. 

Second track I Love U!, which takes queues from similarly hypnotic psych bands of the postmodern era like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandys. Spaced out Joel Gion vocals make this a really satisfying example of psych revival. 

As far as the bands like this go, The Goa Express are about the best you can do - very few bands (see also: Sweden's Baby Jesus) deal out the Nuggets-worthy garage bangers in a way that feels this fun but also this psyched out. Lancashire's Goa Express are a band you might just need in your life.

FFO : The Electric Prunes, The Velvet Underground, Wooden Shjips, The Gun Club

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