22 Dec 2015

ENTRODUCING #2 - The Velcro Hooks

In the second instalment over-enthusiastic posts on new bands over the Christmas break, I thought I'd put forward Velcro Hooks - a Bristol noise band with an aversion to loud, thrashy and droning noises.

Their latest release Severin' the mind (a single out next month, but up now) is what brought the band to my attention - it's a primal noise, quite like fellow Briz band Spectres, that sees the band hammer out some of the angriest psychedelia you'll hear. It's like Loop, but with an out and out desire to sonically offend the untrained ear. Brilliant, but not for everyone (although if everyone gave Severin' the mind it'd be for them).

This new track is probably the highlight of Velcro Hooks' discography, which makes  sure that their debut album, comin' out next year is very exciting indeed. However a few years back, they released the Gymnophoria EP, which has a few gems of industrial garage thrash, as well as a creepy spoken word track. It's well worth a listen, but maybe you can see just how much the band have honed their sound in the years running up to the innevitable debut record.

Also in the 4-piece's discography is the absolute outlier Tickle Me Sick, which is actually brilliant however uncharacteristic - it's the noise band's attempt at a pop song, and essentially it sounds like J Mascis producing a record that is essentially just Pavement thrown into a K-hole. If that doesn't appeal to you then what are you? Who are you?

Their debut record is expected in 2016, and Severin the mind is out January 15th...

FFO: Loop, Spectres, Can, MBV, Parquet Courts (at a push)

Follow them on twitter - @VelcroHooks

(written by calum cashin)