23 Dec 2015


They've been going a lot longer than most the bands featured on this column, but primary exponents of Scandanavian noise Papir are another band I just had to put in here after hearing their album IIII, which I'm imagining is maybe their fourth studio album as the record before this one was called III.

Basically this band set a new high water mark in creating a hypnotic atmosphere - but by no means is this band calm or boring - in fact, this is fascinating music that is at times vicious, transportative and subsuming. But where the band seemingly just rubbish the pop song structure, there's something incredibly involving about the band's psychscapes and compositions.

In parts Papir reminds me of Slowdive (Holding our breath era) for it's huge sounding percussion, soundscaping guitars and dreamy textures, but this is mixed with a real krautrock flavour as the band are frequently hypnotic via means of repetition, and how they sometimes just lock into a groove and go with it.

Their music isn't gonna leave you yelling 'banger that bro', but like a lot of good psychedelic musicians, the lads in Papir will leave you lying on your back, incense burning, completely lost in their art. They really are the best thing to come from Denmark since Peter Schmiechel. Or Iceage.

FFO: Follakzoid, Slowdive, NEU!, Black Tambourine

Find them on facebook here, and pray they come to the UK

(written by calum cashin)