24 Dec 2015


The fourth instalment of my column where I talk about a new band for you to get obsessed with is upon us, and I'm going to home in on London-based psych outfit Loaded.

Primary exponents in that kind of heaving, pulsing psychedelic music you generally associate with 80s fuzz heads Spacemen 3 and Loop, the band have made their name doing a stellar job supporting renowned psychedelic bands like Vacant Lots and Telegram at their London dates.

Loaded have a handful of tracks up online for you to zone out to, the best of those probably being tremolo-heavy shimmer-rich Little Girl and their latest track Cold Coffee, a swirling fuzzed-out scorcher that sounds like The Mary Chain being caressed by Spiritualised

Also, unlike a lot of the bands I hype up on here, Loaded gig a lot in London, so if you're reading this potentially excited by the incredible sounds this band make, it's not too difficult for you to check 'em out.

FFO: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Rain by The Beatles, Spacemen 3, Pond

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(written by calum cashin)