22 Dec 2015

☆ Lazarus by David Bowie and why the new album is gonna be incredible ☆

There aren't really all too many post-Scary Monsters Bowie albums I'm into, but the ones I genuinely really like are the ones where he's going out of his way to push boundaries and create something different. 1. Outside and The Next Day (especially the deluxe edition with the James Murphy remix on it) are the two records that I feel are his best since then, but I think Blackstar (out Jan 8th) might be able to even top those.

The lead single and title track is a 10 minute experimental sprawl, of which my feelings on I'm sure you already know - I love it, and think it's one of the songs of 2015. Its genuinely one of the most interesting pop songs I've heard in such a long time, and everything from the extensive instrumentation to the incredible audiovisual feat of the video makes this BRILLIANT.

Then the second track from the record was unveiled; Lazarus. Surely Bowie can't have pulled two brilliant oddballs out the bag, rite? WRONG. More of those sensual-yet-sinister saxes subsume you, drones and crashes in the background create a distinct atmosphere and, whilst lyrics are much less cryptic than on Blackstar, Bowie's elderly croon fits so perfectly with everything going on musically.

The Next Day is a sweltering pop record, not afraid to venture into the odd, but by going full-on experimental here, David Bowie seems to be on track to release his most innovative and crucial record in decades. More exciting than Christmas - January 8th - I'm with David Bowie, aren't you?

☆    ☆    ☆

(written by calum cashin)