4 Dec 2015

SONGS FOR OUR MOTHERS : why the fat white family's next album is the most exciting thing since piggate

Debauchery, squalor and filth, the Fat White Family are seemingly the only band in the world that can save us from our dull existence here on planet earth. Their 2013 debut album Champagne holocaust wasn't what I'd call a life-changer, but since that release they've become the ultimate band to see, the ultimate band to look up to, and alongside Sleaford Mods, the only band I'd ever consider slapping the 'voice of a generation' cliché on. Their second LP, Songs For Our Mothers comes out next month, and this post is basically a list of wordy reasons I'm frothing at the mouth for it.

The lead single dropped last week, and it's a kind of fusion of motorik krautrock a la No Love Lost by Joy Division, cosmic Telstar sounds and deranged vocals. Lias' twitchy lyrics are completely cloaked by the proper groove that the band get into on it, and maybe for the casual listener, that's for the best, but you just know there's something creepy or offensive masked in there.

Last week I spoke to the Fat Whites' long time friend and champion, John Doran of the Quietus, who said that this record is every bit as offensive as you'd expect; "there's only one song title that isn't like the most offensive thing ever", he said. Then reassured me that the band reassured him that that song did have a lyric about receiving a blowjob from a holocaust survivor. Swell.

Since the release of their last record, the band have completely honed their sound; listen to a half formed composition like the studio version of Auto Neutron, then see it live with its sweltering intensity, desert rock thrash and organ punches. They went from being all talk and no trousers to heaving the leather keks to take on the world - the band are now, for me, one of the most important voices in British music.

The Fat White Family are gruesome, outrageous, and in their kind of Squatter Spinal Tap way, the band look pretty set to take everyone by storm in the new year with Songs For Our Mothers. Everything about the band has got better, and with everything happening in the world right now, the band is just what everyone needs right now.

The album is out 22nd January and promises negative energy, bad vibes and will push you to the very limits of what can be considered art

(written by calum cashin)