19 Dec 2015

Wrap your ears around Hartlepool daydreamers GUFRA

It’s a rare occurrence that on the first listen to a song I instantly fall in love with it. Yet as Live Slowly by the indie 4-piece band GUFRA played out of my laptop, I felt as if I’d already heard it over 100 times already.

Opening with a similar sound as Bombay Bicycle Club’s Always Like This, the band then leap in with two memorable guitar riffs played over each other the track to building up and layering itself instrumentally. Enter Ste McGrother’s crisp and chilled out vocals into the mix, and Live Slowly is taken to a whole new level. The relaxed lyrics fit perfectly over the dreamy guitars, making me yearn to be staring out of a car window in the middle of summer (as all the best songs do). With catchy and repetitive lyrics of ‘only time will show, what I already know’ and ‘Oh live slowly’ GUFRA have created a song which will be stuck in your head for hours on end.

To finish the track off the Hartlepool lads up their game and drift into a tranquil and laid back slacker guitar solo, something not many bands would have the courage to attempt on only their third track. GUFRA’s twitter bio may say ‘shit indie band’, but as far as im concerned they are far from it.

(written by jess fleming)