20 Jan 2016

Amber Arcades - Heavenly Recs' Latest Signing And Your New Favourite Artist

Heavenly Records has been a bastion for what I would say is the absolute best kinda pop music for as long as I've been a big music fan. Last year came the celestial, kraut-pop record Y Dydd Olaf, as well as warm nostalgic indie pop from Kid Wave and angular neo-folktronica from Stealing Sheep, and before that the likes of TOY and Saint Etienne have found a home there. So it's one label who - when they make new signings - really prick my interests. Amber Arcades (stage name of Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf) is the latest act to find a home on the label's roster, so obviously I had to check her out. below is the first cut from her forthcoming debut

Turning Light is the first cut from her debut, which is already recorded and should be on it's way soon. You're immediately taken into Amber Arcades' dreamy microcosm by the atmospheric synth-beats combo, which develops into a more streamlined dream-pop sound with de Graaf's dreamy reverb clad vocals. This song stands out from the field of dream-pop I get sent though (believe me, when you call your blog vapour trail expect every DIIV copycat to send you their freakishly unoriginal EPs), as it progresses into a whirring, other-worldly dreamscape, fuelled by the motorik drums.

This is much more honed than her previous efforts, which you can find on her soundcloud here. Her patiently EP has a similar dreamlike quality, although drums are taken out the equation completely, making her sound a bit like Syd Barrett. The five little cuts from this record, although unspectacular, have a kind of fantastical fairytale-like feel to them, much in the same way that the album tracks on Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs feel like they're taken right out of Alice in Wonderland. Whilst this means that her debut - due Spring - could sound any which way this talented artist chooses, you know that it's going to be an intriguing addition to the Heavenly back catalogue.

(written by calum cashin)