15 Jan 2016

Autumn Diet Plans / Red/Yellow (EP review)

Nottingham-based Autumn Diet Plans have been around a short while now and following the likes of lineup change and also progression in terms of musical direction, they release their debut EP in Red/Yellow.

Their sound owes influence to a wide range of bands and from the second that thunderous opener Freezer erupts into a barrage of noise and effected guitars, you can pick out flickers of Smashing Pumpkins and 90s grunge and emo, all the way through to relatively new band (also from Notts) Kagoule, although I doubt this was any kind of thought to their sound and feel. This does however,  show signs of a band who have carefully thought out their path to a sound they want and the EP gives off vibes of a release which has been in the making for a long time.

All this is good news for the 4 piece outfit. The EP’s quality is impeccable yet rough round the edges as it should be for music of this feel. Vocalist Lew has come a long way from his shouty roots, heard in early Bandcamp releases, and the band now sound tight with the parts bounce off each other and create some interesting soundscapes and melodies. One song, which really stands out, is ‘Spoons’, which has a seriously catchy chorus. A big strength of this band is the fact they have such a wide palette of dynamics and can switch from ear splitting fuzz to delicate cleans in an instant.

If you are partial to massive 90s inspired tunes, with a side of emo then make sure you check out Autumn Diet Plans’ Red/Yellow EP on its release (January 16th).

You can find the band here

The EP will be available here from the 16th January - http://autumndietplans.bandcamp.com/

(written by oscar sault)