21 Jan 2016

Kate Epps / Soft Pink (EP review)

Raw, soothing, and overwhelmingly heartfelt, the first EP by London-based singer-songwriter Kate Epps is a bedroom-pop gem you've almost gotta hear. Mainly focused around disparate piano chords and Epps' borderline-soulful voice, it's a five song EP that - despite the technical limitations of the format - touches upon pop perfection. The four original compositions (Smile is on there twice, once as a completely raw demo and another as the most well produced song on the record) are almost like little coming of age of films filtered into forlorn 3 minute pop-songs.

Prom queen ballad and Fragile are probably my favourite two from the EP in terms of songwriting;  "Are you happy? Was it all that it seemed?" Epps refrains on Prom Queen Ballad, almost summarises the really forlorn mood that she conjures almost with ease.

Smile, due to the really endearing touches of strings and lone guitar notes indispersed at the end of some of the lines is where this record - for me - sounds most like the bands you'd associate with the phrase 'bedroom-pop'; Alex G, Ducktails, Ariel Pink, etc (most of these aren't so inclined towards 'bedroom-pop' now, but you get the gist - that sorta sound). This song almost sounds like Lana Del Rey singing to Teen Suicide's Waste Yrself, which is probably the strangest, yet highest praise I've dished out all day.

I'd say that for the most part though, it's kind of meaningless to mull over trying to pigeonhole the music of Kate Epps; what we have here in Soft Pink is an EP of really passionate, powerful songs that will really resonate with a lot of listeners... it's a free download here so download it and get sad to it

(written by calum cashin)