15 Jan 2016

Listen To The Brilliant New Tacocat Track 'I Hate The Weekend'

Catchy, shimmering lo-fi indie pop from Seattle, Tacocat are among the best indie bands in the business. They've forged a reputation for their youthful sound and caustic lyrics, and a year and a bit since we last heard from them, they're back with a new song.

Upbeat melodies, scratchy Dinosaur Jr guitars and lackadaisical vox, this is very much business as usual for the Washington band. If you've never listened to them, it's a great intro to a band that you'll love if you're in any way into fantastic guitar music. They've got a new record out later this year, by the name of Lost Time, and I Hate The Weekend is a deadbeat taster of what is to come, and be inevitably fantastic.

tacocat are labelmates with the likes of chastity belt, protomartyr and shannon & the clams on hardly art records, if you wanna read up more on that label give our fave labels of last year post a whirl

(written by calum cashin)