19 Jan 2016

Public Memory; an eerie electronic outfit you need to know

The perfect soundtrack to an eerie walk home at night through a busy, the atmospherics provided by Robert Toher aka Public Memory are probably the best thing I've found trawling through all the PR emails I received between Christmas and now. Much like the more ethereal cuts of Kid A or Dummy, his latest track Ringleader - one of two songs you can hear from Public Memory's new Wuthering Drum LP before it drops - creates a subsuming, downbeat atmosphere that grabs you completely from the start, and invites you into Toher's warped, dark world.

Most the instrumental unease comes from a mix of percussion and a menacing Korg synth. There's something ominous about Public Memory's music that makes it feel like something dark is going to happen in any minute, creating the perfect atmosphere of unease. Toher's vocals - contorted and echoing beyond decipherable - contribute to this massively, as they sound plain ghoulish in the two songs Lunar and Ringleader.

Essential for fans of all things classic Bristol trip-hop, the Wuthering Drum album is coming out in March, and I for one can't wait to get my hands on it. Obviously though, you've not gotta take my word for it, so if this sounds up your street (it should) listen to Public Memory below.

(written by calum cashin)