4 Feb 2016

Eagulls / Lemontrees (single review)

Almost a whole two years after their debut, Eagulls have released a new single, Lemontrees. Covered in Northern charm, a smattering of post punk and a touch of lo-fi , Lemontrees hosts the guitar based sound Eagulls have been missed for.There is a definite 1980s era Cure feel with George Mitchell’s gloomy vocals and shoegazey guitar motifs. Where earlier releases harnessed very obvious anger and apathy to modern living, Lemontrees has the same fire but it is channelled through the tighter rhythms and clearer lyrics. In no way have Eagulls lost their angst with age , “Share a nations consciousness and just drown our thoughts to sleep” their lyrics still channel a rallying message against the shortcomings of modern life. 

Lemontrees was released with the promise of an upcoming album which personally I think will follow this less aggressive, more atmospheric path leaving behind the vicious bite of the debut. I was surprised by the nature of this track as I must admit I was expecting a similar stormy edge to the likes of Hollow Visions and Yellow Eyes. I think the evolution in their sound is really promising for the future and makes the forthcoming releases even more exciting. 

Along with this release, Eagulls are set to play some intimate UK dates at the start of March which I imagine will be interesting especially with the change in direction of sound that they're demonstrating here.

(written by isobel mcleod)