21 Feb 2016

ENTRODUCING #5 - Mystified

ENTRODUCING COLUMN NUMBER 5, after a month or so's break, I thought I'd come back and write almost daily columns on some small bands I'm mad about. Before my li'l hiatus, we had a bit on Loaded, who are a London psych band - by the same token then, here's an intro to Mystified. They're a three-piece that make intense garage rock revival music, not unlike The Sonics or The Velvet Underground (White Light era), and fans of anything psych, rock, or even metal will be well into them. I first saw them play at the Finsbury, in North London, where they were disarmingly good, and absolutely a cut above any of my expectations for them...

The thing about Mystified is that at the root of their sound is are fairly simplistic pop songs with a Nuggets aesthetic. But essentially, this trio are so formidable and ferocious in a live environment (and on closer inspection the studio too) that, with the help of hypnotic FX-drenched guitars, frontwoman Jess Allanic's raucous voice and the band's immense chemistry, Mystified are absolutely something else live.

Their live shows are frequent, and their music something you absolutely need in your life, Mystified are the perfect band of their genre. Whether it's the doomy She's Scared or the trippy Acid Gasp, Mystified's back catalogue reflects their incredible abilities as a band, and I think a lot of people are gonna get very obsessed with them very soon...

FFO: The Horrors (goth era), Hookworms, The Seeds, Hole

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(written by calum cashin)