25 Feb 2016

ENTRODUCING #6 - Dressmaker

Time for another band I'm obsessed with to be brought to the foray with the ENTRODUCING column... Dressmaker are a four-piece from East London who are so abrasive, invasive and furious that they might just singlehandedly restore your faith in noisy guitar music.

The main focal point for the band, especially in their visceral live sets is the frontman Charles Potashner, who has a darkly mesmeric aura to him, swaying around and screaming like a hellraising Ian Curtis or a genuinely gothic Elias Ronnenfelt. On the band's only release to date, the Glass EP, he howls and bellows like an transcendentally depraved Guy McKnight, with his incredible stage presence probably coming accross.

But that's not all that's striking about Dressmaker. They're musically so skilled in creating whirring vortexes that transcend the barriers between drone, noise, shoegaze and post-punk. Basically their live set is everything you'd expect A Place To Bury Strangers to look like if they'd crawled out of a deranged HP Lovecraft novel, piling on more intensity than any other punk band in the business can manage. Rumbling basslines, cutting guitars and ferocious drumming, they're so tight and they're such a spectacle to behold.

Dressmaker have announced that they're not gonna play any shows for a bit while they record new material, so get obsessed with occultist dinner bringers like Skeleton Girl and We Breathe, before a tide of gothic noise washes over you and they're back with more incredible live shows and material.

FFO: Spectres, The Horrors, A Place To Bury Strangers, Iceage