26 Feb 2016


Ellery Roberts; the gravelly voiced frontman of WU LYF, the 2010's finest cult band; recently released his first track in quite a while under the moniker of LUH (Lost Under Heaven). For the reason that the song was really quite touching to me, LUH are today's featured ENTRODUCING artist...

Basically, from what I've gathered after a few hastily read internet articles and eager listens, LUH are the next chapter in the musical career of Ellery Roberts, a venture he's undertaking with other half Ebony Hoom. From what we've heard, LUH are more stripped down, and swap bending sun-drenched guitars for piano, strings and varied multi-instrumental touches that exaggerate the moving, inspiring vocals that Ellery delivers. Ebony's harmonies are beautifully complimentary too, in the same way that Horrors offshoot Cat's Eyes seem to have the most ever-present chemistry imaginable.

I & I, the song responsible for getting me to sit up and pay attention to this project is a slow burner that sees a healthy amount of symphonic strings and horns and whatnot combined with a drum machine and piano rolls that amplify the weight and power of Ellery and Ebony's vocals, both in terms of lyrical weight and raw barked-out power.

Festival shows and stuff have been announced, so if like me you yearn for the raw power and passion of WU LYF's music, seeing LUH play a heartfelt barked set is a genuinely satisfying way to deal with the fact I'll never see WU LYF ever. I don't know what else I'm gonna hear from LUH before they inevitably bring out a bigger release, but this is seriously exciting stuff.

FFO: WU LYF, Father John Misty, Julian Cope, Cat's Eyes

(written by calum cashin)