28 Feb 2016

ENTRODUCING #8 - Dollhouse

A band we've featured on Vapour Trail before, the subject of today's ENTRODUCING column are Dollhouse, who hail from the West Country and are remarkable for mixed a disjointed cosmic sound with more standard song structures to create something that you can't really pin a genre tag down on.

A 5-piece, their latest track sees them adopt a similar sound to the likes of Sunflower Bean and DIIV, with whirring synths and warped guitars carrying the sound of the track into uncharted territory. The vocals are pretty unique, and this is a pretty fantastic track that'll stay in your mind a while.

Elsewhere on their soundcloud, which is kind of modern speak for their back catalogue, there's an array of songs that give off a slightly different but all the more mesmeric sound. Laudanum is a psych-pop number that sounds like the first TOY album if anything, with lots of swirling, slow moving sounds that are really quite subtle, whilst Colour Me Blue is a thundering number of rumbling cyberpunk, punctuated by a brilliant synth part.

Dollhouse are still in their teens, but are essentially one of the most interesting unsigned bands I've heard over the past few months. A handful of their songs can be found below...

(written by calum cashin)