11 Feb 2016

exclusive : stream 'Human', the debut single of scottish dream-pop band WYLDE

Scottish dream-pop band Wylde haven't really existed for all that long, but are already brewing up a bit of a storm among fans of the genre. There's no way to get away from it at first - the band are really the absolute product of their influences - right down to album artwork with a pattern which resembles Slowdive's debut EP. But when woozy revivalism is done so well, you can't help but admirably cock your head, listen a few times through and feel completely entranced.

Human is a track which blends the confrontational and the ethereal - a rough and ready rhythm section at war with towering, descending dream-pop guitar motifs and subtle warped textures shouldn't make for the best listen, but here it just works. Otherworldly vocals only add to the mystique created, with the howls of Hookworms' MJ probably the best reference point.

Maybe a bit rough round the edges, this is an incredibly promising track that really excited me the from first time I listened to it, which is why I'm delighted to be able to offer an exclusive stream of it below...

you can follow WYLDE on twitter - @wyldeband