1 Feb 2016

Frankie Cosmos : a necessary overview

Every so often, you’ll stumble upon a gem of an artist that you truly listen to, you love, and think, how did this one slip through the net? I’ve been sufficiently vigilant up to this point, but there’s greatness to be found within the spontaneity of discovering an established artist. Already with an album and Ep’s this is one artist that’s truly otherworldly. I had one of those moments with the band fronted by American artist Greta Kline, known better for her star studded pseudonym and band name Frankie Cosmos.

First alerted to me through one Spotify shuffle or another, her work is a fantastic collision of Alvvays when on top form with the modesty of Cat Power and a sense of The Japanese House’s production. It’s almost as if they were established earlier you would have found their music on the Juno Soundtrack.

Their song Buses splash with rain, found on the album Zentropy sees Frankie Cosmos juxtapose an underrated catchy chorus and fitting guitar riffs with a somewhat sad approach to addressing life’s most fervent social issues. At the risk of sounding stereotypical, the whole album is a running social commentary that nearly every teenager can relate to. From listening to her music I think that there is much solace and happiness to be found in her lyrics despite the obvious melancholy tone. I am too “the kind of girl buses splash with rain”, so, Frankie, pass me the bottle of pinot Grigio, sway to your nearly perfect album and channel my inner Mia Wallace.

Greta claims to write each song individually before proposing it to the band, this gives a certain sensitivity to her writing process. Everything about Frankie Cosmos’ music screams efficiency and coherence, sought after qualities for an artist. I will no longer be caught out by the whimsical Frankie Cosmos, and I will make it a new year’s resolution to keep up with the beauty and grace of her music.

(written by grace goslin)