13 Feb 2016

Lost Dawn / Fever (album review)

Falmouth surf rock band Lost Dawn put out their Fever album this week, and whilst it doesn't really pack a huge amount of surprises, if you're a fan of anything of the thrashy surfy ilk then it is so for you that you should put it on right now.

6 songs long, it's a more complete effort than their self-titled effort, that sees long wilting cuts and short energetic blasts of punk rock intertwining together to make something that is a brilliant, coherent album all the way through.

Opening with the previously released Electrify - a gravelly voiced mission statement if ever there was one - you're thrown straight into the world of Lost Dawn's thrashy turbo-charged guitar sound, which is something that doesn't really recede til the end. Following up comes the bright Hot Nasties-esque Burroughs homage Naked Lunch, another sun-soaked track that makes you wanna dance, and a possible favourite quick number from the record.

Lost Dawn are among the tightest bands of their type, and Fever is a record that not only exercises it, but dips toes into uncharted water. Effortlessly cool Construction Rock sounds like it could be taken right off the soundtrack of an eighties teen movie, and 10 minute long closing sprawl is a complete U-turn as they swap the aggro for some ridiculously laid-back Brian Jonestown Massacre pastiche on the psychotropic Aguila.  

Fever is Lost Dawn's best work, and establishes them among Falmouth's elite bands. It's every bit as essential for fans of the 'Falmouth Sound' as The Black Tambourines' Freedom, and just an all round solid surf-rock album.


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(written by calum cashin)