4 Feb 2016

Nzca Lines / Infinite Summer (album review)

Nzca Lines is the creation of Michael Lovett, an electro-popper from London, he has returned with a follow up album 'Infinite Summer', his first, NZCA/Lines, saw Lovett initially explore the fun genre of synth-pop back in 2012. For the new album, Lovett was joined by guitarists Charlotte Hatherley and Sarah Jones. Infinite Summer is a sleeker, more educated take on the debut, perfectly blended with tracks that have elements that you would typically hear in a dance track, therefore attracting an even broader interest in fans.

The album Infinite Summer appears to be a collection of tracks that have been perfected and polished to the max. Proving to be a huge hit to an already large fan base, the album carries the same greatness and power that the first album created.

Persephone dreams - the single released first off the album, and it did not disappoint, this song packs a punch of modern psychedelia and clearly shows that Lovett is capable of more than just electronic beats. At a quicker tempo is Two Hearts; this song could be compared to Tame Impala's 2015 Cause I'm a Man . The song is a hefty six minutes, during which the track we really get to listen to the different elements that make the song what it is, The power that Nzca Lines carry elevates, and expectations do too...

Two Hearts - this song exceeded all expectations of success, it is amazing. The perfect party song that will make people stop and think 'what is this?' The intro is intrusive and bold, but in the best ways possible. This bolshiness is contrasted with the soft woozy vocals of Lovett; working perfectly. A definite favourite off the album.

Infinite Summer is a stroke of synthesised genius, again contrasted with the soft, endearing vocal of Lovett. When you listen closely, you can hear how all the different aspects come together,with seamless precision.

Fans of all types of music can appreciate this work of electronic, Lovett has just released dates of a UK tour supporting Teleman, the trio will be playing at venues such as The Sugarmill, Stoke and Manchester's Gorilla.


(written by ruby kenwright)