27 Feb 2016

Palms & Pelicans / Comfortable (single review)

New single “Comfortable” by Southampton band “Palms and Pelicans” is a dreamy audible whirlpool that has an intriguingly engrossing feel to it.

Taken from their new EP set for release in the spring it has a truly distinctive quality exuberating with an infectious energy that builds as the song progresses. It opens with some stripped back synths before launching into the fizzling blare of guitar. The singers’ vocals compliment each other well as they belt verses at an energetic pace. Varying tones throughout create a magnificent range that pulls listeners in and takes them on an entrancing roller-coaster ride throughout the duration of the track.  The track is both unique whilst remaining a lot of fun, brimming with an adventure like quality and enthusiasm. “Comfortable” showcases the uniqueness of Palms & Pelicans suggesting massive things to come in future releases.

(written by kieran raza)