12 Feb 2016

Parquet Courts / Dust (single review)

Dust begins as your typical Parquet Courts track, a baseline to sink your teeth into, dry, gritty lyrics and their brazen, punk attitude, but towards the end it descends into the new dissonant Monastic Living vibe they have begun to hollow out for themselves. It's a hint of the new album, Human Performance, which is seemingly going to be the band commenting on the overwhelmingness of, well, everything really. Austin Brown has said the track and album focus on the "unavoidable noise of NYC that can be maddening, the kind of the impossible struggle against clutter, whether it’s physical or mental or social." This may explain the sounds of traffic at the end of Dust, it is an example of the city cluttering up everything, including art.

This track sounds a little like anxiety to me, but that may just be a personal reading. Dust is a release that shows Parquet Courts are still angsty and angry, but this isn't anywhere near their best or most exciting track - if anything it's almost bland until you reach the end, but it's an indication of where they're headed. The new album could be a punch in the face for us all, a sudden, alarming shock of abrasive noise, or it could fall flat, as this track sort of has, for me. I'm hoping that Parquet Courts will still shock us, like they did with the Monastic Living EP, with this next album. I believe in you boys!

Words: Rachel Tindall