17 Feb 2016

Shipping Forecast / S-F (album review)

There's something really magical about Falmouth six-piece The Shipping Forecast, and on their new album simply titled S-F , their guitar-based sounds are coated with such spirituality and mysticism that each listen to its wailing ambiances and trembling climaxes make it feel like a religious experience. Their sound is 1 part Godspeed You! Black Emperor, 1 part Daughter, 1 part Anna Von Hausswolff and 1 part Mogwai, merging the forlorn songsmithstry with climaxing harridan blows and enchantress wails.

S.F cover art
After an almost subtle sighing entry point during it's first half, the opening song High Tide slams into tyrannical power around the five minute mark, sludgy metal blows and siren calls in tow. This is the stuff of legend, of Ancient Greek mythology, you can just imagine this band playing an impromtu gig on a giant rock in the middle of the sea, drawing ships full of sonically entranced sailors to their grizzly deaths. 

Typhoon has a swirling film score-epic feel to it, with tortured vocals atop swirling guitars and doomed piano chimes likening it to an incredibly dark, off-beat Doctor Who final√© score. It's powerful, fleeting, and it's just there ready to make you really feel something. The savage roars and wheezes of the guitars on Humble Humble punch through the tender melodies of the verses, and the astral ascension to close the lP at the end is just so breathtaking that you can't help but leave the listening experience of the Shipping Forecast's debut without being completely and utterly in love with this band. 

I've had high praise for a few of the band's Cornish compatriots like Lost Dawn and The Black Tambourines, but FUCK - The Shipping Forecast are something really fucking special. They don't sound like they're from Falmouth, they don't even sound like they're from Planet Earth... I urge you to check out these modern day post-rock shamen.

you can purchase this sonic masterpiece HERE, ON THEIR BANDCAMP