1 Feb 2016

Skin / self-titled EP

New into the world of two pieces are Bristol based Skin; similar to Drenge's earlier work, they are comprised of lead guitarist and singer, Oscar, and drummer, Ezra. Throughout the EP there is a constant grunge edge with lots of distortion, heavy riffs and catchy choruses.

Rebels opens the EP as it means to go on, immediately there are layers of fuzzy guitar and a lot of noise. Telling tales of kids that don’t stick to the law, “we are rebels and we hate you all”, takes the piss out of young teenage angst, and the actions that accompany it. Although heavy and loud ‘Rebels’ has the accessibility of a pop track, like how Nirvana bridged the gap between rock and pop.

Next is Fall From Grace which has the same amount of energy behind it as Rebels had. The lyrics in this track are quite emotive describing the experiences of depression and the influence of relationships upon it. Behind the melody, there is steady, tight drumming which adds more depth and layers into the sound.

The production of this EP has been done brilliantly with enough scuzz to keep the sound raw, but enough polish so the technicality isn’t lost.

Finally the last and longest song is Snake Tongue; the added length allows the band to showcase more skill, and use tonnes of distortion. Just as thrashy as the first two tracks are there is nothing massively different in Snake Tongue however the tempo has pulled back slightly allowing more development in the sound and through the melodies.

It’s exciting to see where Skin will go because in my opinion they have the potential to pick up a substantial fan base. If you'd like some Drenge with a bit of added heaviness I’m pretty sure you’ll like this EP. A very solid debut for Skin and is properly released on the 1st of February and available to pre order on their bandcamp now, and look out for some live dates supporting the UK soon.


(written by Isobel McLeod)