18 Feb 2016

Superbrat / Dawn On the Coast (EP Review)

Californian surfer rock four piece Superbrat have recently released their debut EP ‘Dawn On The Coast’. This EP could easily soundtrack a John Hughes film with it’s references to hating gym, school dances and the struggles of boys which makes sense as a lot of inspiration for it comes from a 90s series The Baby-Sitters Club. This series was about a group of girls in middle school, and ,as the name suggests, ran a baby-sitting club for the neighbourhood. 

“Out here is where I belong, under the California sun” kickstarts the EP layered over jangly guitar riffs and sun kissed harmonies. In grey, dreary England (or Birmingham anyway) ‘Dawn On The Coast’ provides a nice touch of warmth to the day with reminders of beaches and proper sunshine.

The whole thing is pure fuzz pop, especially in the next track, one of my personal highlights, ‘Mallory Hates Boys and Gym’ where Alex and Alyssa’s voices shout about Mallory and her struggles. With even more noise and a whole floor of distortion beneath them ‘Mary Anne and Too Many Boys’ is the heaviest track on the EP with similarities to the garagey sound of Ty Segall, Cloud Nothings and Harlem.

The last 3 songs on the EP are more upbeat and cheerful especially ‘Jessi And The High School Phantom’ which features a great, polished guitar solo and shows Superbrat are more than clever lyrics, relentless beats and poppy rhythm guitars. This half of the EP bares resemblance to fellow Californian’s Best Coast and the Vivian Girls with it’s more 60s surf feel. ‘Surfer Ghost’ and ‘Boy Crazy’ follow the same sort of vibes. The end of ‘Surfer Ghosts’ is wonderful with the combination of the repetition of ‘surfer ghosts haunting coast to coast …” and perfectly timed ‘oohs’ that compliment the guitar riffs magically. ‘Boy Crazy’ brings ‘Dawn On The Coast’ to a energetic end with non stop guitars, and messy harmonies that clash but in a good way, and ‘yeahs’ that could have come from Kim Deal. 

This is an eclectic EP where influences from just about everywhere are present. But that said it works and it’s certainly fun to listen to as you don’t get bored with the same guitar patterns or just one vocal style. Personally I really like it and think they deserve WAY more attention. A solid debut from a bloody cool band. 

7.8 / 10