27 Feb 2016

Telstar Sound Drone / Drugs Help (single review)

This is a track oozing with reverb, the fuzz slithering through it like something possessed. It's spacey and big, the sound swelling like a storm cloud, readying itself to pour psychedelia upon us.

In a way Drugs Help is pretty hypnotic, the droning guitars somewhat shrouding the lyrics and making them indecipherable, which kind of removes from the track. This song grows on you, infecting your mind with it's psychedelic groove. It's a intriguing song, blossoming with lots of good moments, that merge into one fantastic track. It's loud, but has more of a nibble than a bite, it could expand into something phenomenal. It's dripping with shoegaze, and is a swirling, pulsating drone like wall of sound. It's enjoyably fuzzy, at just the right level that allows it to be listenable.

Although it's a pretty big track, but it feels like it could be bigger. There is a whisper of something more hidden behind the distortion, impressive percussion and head nodding inducing riffs. While listening you will it to career off somewhere unexpected, to belt off over the horizon of mad sonic sound, but it doesn't. It very almost nearly sky rockets, nevertheless, it's a very cool sound from a pretty cool band. It's Tame Impala-esque but never quite reaching that level of sheer mind-bending psychedelia, but I think they have that potential. Overall, a stand out track, which has made me want to check out more of their stuff.

Words: Rachel Tindall