25 Mar 2016

Diagonal People - ArmageddingItOn! (single review)

Diagonal People are a collective from my hometown of Swindon, and without exaggeration, they are possibly the best thing to come out the place since Billie Piper. This is a band whom don't fit into anything even resembling a box, they are a vicious concoction of passion and attitude. With tracks full of beefy baselines, screeching electronica and enough reverb for days, Diagonal People are kicking a hole in the music scene and forcing themselves into it.  Their back catalog is fairly diverse, songs of swirling psychedelic soundscapes and others with lashings of punk, Ty Segall-like vocal stylings. Diagonal People are darkly hypnotic, they push you away to draw you right back in, smirking as they do so, behind their masks and face paint. This is a highly interesting group of people, making fascinating sounds in an unusual way, I'm all for it.

ArmageddingItOn! is the latest single release from this lot, and it is really rather good. There is a juicy bassline, then an explosion of fuzz and psychedelia. The visceral punk comes in with the impressive vocals, and the noise continues to build, constantly twisting into new directions. There is a lot going on, but if ever seems or sounds untidy, it adds to the charm. It's rough around the edges, like a drunk at the local pub looking for a fight because normal life is just too boring. They've also released a brillaint video to go with the track, which you should check out here. ArmageddingItOn! is an ambitious track for these upstarts, and I really dig it. I know that Diagonal People have more in them to share with the world, it's as if they're sat back with a beckoning finger, telling us to pay attention, because what they have in store has the potential to be nuts. ArmageddingItOn! makes the upcoming LP all the more exciting.

Download ArmageddingItOn! here

Words: Rachel Tindall