10 Mar 2016

Eagulls / Skipping (single review)

With the third song from their new record Eagulls have made it even clearer that album #2 Ullages will push the five piece guitar band into uncharted territory.

It's a 270 second long dream by the name of Skipping that combines the typically Eagulls vocals with more interesting instrumentation than ever before. It's kinda like on their first record they were going for the post-punk basics (and absolutely fucking honing them to a T), and on the songs unleashed from Ullages they're actualising their sound into something much more Eagulls than anything else.

The rumbling bass you've come to know is prevalent, and it's complimented by loose sounding drums, effects laden guitar motifs and other sounds to make it kind of Faith-era Cure like. It's dreamy, massive sounding, and creates a really strange dystopia of which you'd struggle to describe. It's setting album 2 up to be really something, and whilst it's a risk - because Eagulls are the absolute cream of pastichey post-punk bands - we don't know where it's going but it definitely not going to be boring.

it's available as a free download here

(written by calum cashin)