10 Mar 2016

ENTRODUCING #11 - Briana Marela

The subject of today's column isn't a band, or guitar driven, or from the city of London or the country of England, like an increasingly alarming amount of my entries into this are. Instead, the subject is a Seattle based off-kilter pop rtist by the name of Briana Marela, who a friend introduced to me a few months back as "Seattle's answer to Grimes", which is obviously an obnoxiously bold claim to which I gave a bit of scrutiny, seeing as Claire Boucher is most certainly my favourite pop star on the face of the planet. But Briana lives up to that description. No. She's her own artist, notable for her own distinct traits and pristine pop records, which are simply unavoidably great by anyone's standards.
She has a few records under her belt and is pretty well known as an artiste stateside, so it's kinda odd that she's A) not been picked up as a celestial artist to watch by the British music press B) a featuree in my column, where I normally talk about geeky psych bands from near where I live that are just about to release a single. But dear reader, Briana's an anomaly, ignorance of her art is criminal, it's a truly sweeping brand of pop music that caresses the ears and sedates the listener - a verse-chorus-verse opiate for the eager-eared music fan.

Most her lyrics are very upfront, and detail relationships et al, like you know, every pop song ever. But there's something enchanting about the Briana Marela records. Sophisticated production makes sure it's liminal and ethereal, and her voice is just a total dream. Writing this piece listening to her All Around Us record at 3AM is among the most soul nourishing writing jobs I've done since - uhh - I don't know when.

As a lame psych geek, it's kinda rare that any kind of upfront pop music disarms me, entrances me, or sonically forces me to write an ENTRODUCING post on it... but Briana Marela is something else. She's not reinvented the wheel, and she's not going to change the way that the world works, but in her music there's something inescapably beautiful about the music coming outta her Seattle base camp...

FFO: Grimes, FKA twigs, Outfit, This Mortal Coil