18 Mar 2016

ENTRODUCING #13 - Drawstring

This week scuzzy Kent college rock band Drawstring put out their stellar Three EP out digitally, and released the Clubhouse single, so now seems a better time than ever to hold onto the coattails of their inevitable success. Their sound is classic emo, we're talking American Football or Weezer vibes ripped straight from a coming of age film here.

Seething with angst but balancing it with a pop sensibility, the likes of Clubhouse and Chill Pill not only give you the perfect 90s emo sing-alongs, but do so in the most instantly memorable, catchy way possible. The band are a duo comprising of Sam Shepherd and Ben Schulze, getting a much bigger sound than the sum of their parts suggests.

On EP Three, they power through standoffish gleaming riffs (Chill Pill), build up to powerful choruses slowly proper emo style (Blister) and exert a melodic sensibility that likens it to college rock classics like Pinkerton (Mountain).  It's a real standout album that oozes with confidence and makes this band a real one to watch...

FFO: (classic) Weezer, Nai Harvest, American Football

check their releases out here

(written by calum cashin)