29 Mar 2016

ENTRODUCING #15 - Let's Eat Grandma

A duo from Norwich, Let's Eat Grandma are an incredibly fascinating East Anglia indie curiosity - given a mention in my Great Escape post -  and after releasing only a couple of songs they're already among the bands I'm most excited about. They're a minimal band, and because of the extreme promise they've shown on their first two songs Deep Six Textbook and Sink, I'm glad to be able to finally sit down and ramble about them for my geeky Entroducing column.

Formed of best pals Rosa & Jenny, both of whom are still teenagers, they're a two piece whose sound involves a drum machine, strange keyboard atmospherics and quirky vocal harmonies that kinda sound like Joanna Newsom more than anyone else. Their songs are the kinda meandering lengthy numbers that you can lose yourself in as weird sounds come and go atop a constant dream-pop drum machine beat - although with the vast array of instrumentation they use, it's difficult to even try and begin to pigeonhole them. On Deep Six Textbook the duo meander where the stream of consciousness takes them, through the cynical, apathetic and lackadaisical aspects of every day life in a way that is both challenging and utterly pleasing on the ear.

Their music's so promising, and they've got many directions they can possibly head from here - and you know it won't be boring. Let's Eat Grandma are a band that you just need to keep on eye on, and then an ear wrapped around what they've already shared. Really, if you only check out one band from my column, ummm, maybe you should make it this one.

(written by calum cashin)