1 Mar 2016

ENTRODUCING #9 - Scrambled Limbs

You've probably not yet heard of Sam Rodwell AKA Scrambled Limbs, but if you're a fan of psychedelia, then this bedroom artist is somewhere you're going to hear a hell of a lot more about in the coming months. One of the finest creators of psychedelic sonic tapestries in the business, Scrambled Limbs encapsulate everything that you love about Tame Impala and Pond in a way that's more rough, more psychedelic, and just generally more batshit.

On his debut mini album Scrambled Limbs, which came out Friday, Rodwell released one of 2016's first and finest psychedelic nuggets. Over 6 songs, there are highlights too numerous to mention, but here's a few;

Tireless Persuit; a song which blends wilting psychedelic stomps with haunting fairground keyboard and a slow plodding waltzing bassline to make sure that - if I were an acid casualty - this would be the first slow dance song at my wedding. Bamboozled; the crashing closer that stitches oddball guitar motifs together with whirring space sounds to make for something extraterrestrial. Vacherin; a fuzz rock number that juxtaposes Ty Segallian guitar fuzz riffs with a synthesiser that is definitely not of this Earth and a disjointed atmosphere that can ultmately be traced back to the weirder cuts of the White Album.

An artist I've only just had the fortune to scramble across, you can only hope that more people will get into this beriliant bedroom psychedelia ASAP.

FFO: Tame Impala, Pond, The Fuzztones, The Wands, Syd Barrett

(written by calum cashin)