14 Mar 2016

Exploded View / No More Parties In The Attic (single review)

Bursting out the traps with what is most certainly the best debut single of 2016 so far, Sacred Bones' (label of Follakzoid, Marching Church, Destruction Unit) new signing Exploded View are seriously a band to watch out for. A dystopic mixture of dystopic, industrial post-punk, icy escapist psychedelia and oddball pop music, the band fronted by journo/solo artist Anika have only just been birthed into the world via a press frenzy at SXSW.

Their debut single is called No More Parties In The Attic, adding to the trend of songs that say where you can and can't have parties. Anika's voice is deadpan and unearthly, whilst the complicated texture of song gets invasive with bleeping and whirring in a way that leaves the mind no room to decide whether you like it or not.

Exploded View's vast sonic palette of influence may stem from the fact that they're all experienced musicians from around the country; Anika's worked with Michael Rother (of NEU!, explains the krautrock influence), Swedish drummer Martin Tulin has worked with USA scuzz-punks Crocodiles as a longtime producer and the band's other members are (apparently) familiar to anyone with a grasp on the big time Mexican alt-scene.

The noisy curiosity that is No More Parties In The Attic is the most interesting thing I've heard for a while, mangling pre-existing experimental genres to create a kinda pop music that just doesn't sound of this Earth... it's out as a 7' this April, and you can stream it below. Keep an eye out for Exploded View in the future...

(written by calum cashin)