16 Mar 2016

Factory Floor @ The Village Underground (live review)

There was change in the air at Factory Floor's first London show of 2016, as the band have seemingly transformed since they were the centre of attention a couple of years ago for their memserising self-titled debut album. The DFA-signed outfit played the Village Underground as part of the 10 day Shoreditch arts event Convergence, at a gathering that fell exactly halfway between 'gig' and 'rave' on the spectrum, with a mixture of E5 scenesters and burnt-out casualties of the first acid house explosion in attendance.

The band took to the stage approximately 2 hours after the last train home left, their 2:30AM stage entrance made notable by its anonymity and its lack of fuss... Within seconds of Factory Floor, now a two-piece comprising of Nik Void and Gabe Guernsey, taking to their centre console, which looked like a menacing Shoreditch Tardis console alternative, the eardrums of every punter were overwhelmed by the invasive, throbbing techno beats.

Factory Floor sported a new sound, more industrial and furious than before, and in a live setting with perfect acoustics like The Village Underground, the throbbing techno beats left quite literally no room in the mind for you to dislike the music. Their sound drove onwards and rained down through the walls of the ex-Tube station; a distinctive cocktail of invasive pounding beats entwined with subtle noodling electronic noises and lo mix vocals that were almost unintelligible. Throughout their hourlong set, the band played no (or at least I think) material from their first record, the band's forward-looking perspective alligning with music which simply drove onwards and onwards into the unknown.

A set of searing, mesmerising industrial techno, both danceable for the masses and artistically rewarding for those with hearing sensitive to the intricacies of what the two piece were doing, Factory Floor's captivation of the Village Underground at Convergence was victorious. If it shows any implications of what's to come with their next venture, the band are going to have a very big year indeed.

(written by calum cashin)