24 Mar 2016

Glaciers / Vivid (single review)

Warped, glitchy garage guitar rock, Portsmouth's Glaciers are one of most exciting bands on the south coast at this minute in time - and their debut single Vivid is an evocative example of just that. Angsty vocals come deep from within a colossal guitar based soundscape - visions of Primary Colours Horrors and Spiritualized are brought right to the foray during the sun-drenched instrumentals. It has a mystical quality, the frontman Brad Dorey's voice is a dreamy commodity you can lose yourself in during the verses and a powerful burst during the choruses.

The most striking thing about Vivid is how damn big it sounds. Each chorus is massive and punchy, and the guitar tones that bear resemblance to MBV and Dino Jr place the band's sound in an anthemic sphere that can't help but make you feel like a tiny speck in awe of the wider universe, y'know? It's a song that sounds gargantuan, with awe-striking guitar licks and hypnotic atmospherics taking you into a bit of a euphoric state.

The south coast's produced a hell of a lot of great bands of late, with the likes of Melt Dunes, Battery Hens, Clues and Dead Rabbits among the finer bands you could hope to see. Glaciers are without a doubt fit to join a thriving scene that's seemingly shown a criminal lack of press attention, and if things go the way they should, you'll be hearing a lot more about this band - but for now, give their brilliant debut single a spin...

(written by calum cashin)