5 Mar 2016

Kagoule / Pharmacy (single review)

Since bursting out the woodwork a year and a bit ago with their early singles, Notts-based power trio Kagoule have seemingly grown and grown as a force in both the studio and live environment. Pharmacy arrives as the first offering since their 2015 debut album Urth, and seemingly the band's sound has been polarised since the debut.

Pharmacy showcases Kagoule at their heaviest - the screamed chorus sees frontman Cai screeching the word "pharmacy" in a shrill and piercing tone that could curdle the blood. The track sees a slight sonic shift, as the razor sharp precision of tracks like Gush and Adjust The Way is exchanged for riffs that (although still precise) have more of an aversion to blowing the listener away with sheer brute force. A rumbling bassline intersected by cutting guitar stabs, Pharmacy brings a Fugazi-style hardcore influence to the table to pretty jarring effect.

As with Urth, it's the subtle details that make this a really quite rewarding listen - the whispered vocal harmonies from bassist Lucy, the false ending and tyrannical sonic comeback, the screamed choruses. This is a really brilliant track where all the detailed little things add up to make for a brilliant listen. It's not only a brilliant listen though, it's a brilliant taste of what's to come from the band's next record - something that really can't come soon enough.

(written by calum cashin)