26 Mar 2016

Phobophobes / No Flavour (single review)

Psych-heads Phobophobes are part of the politically charged Brixton underground scene that's given us such genii as the Fat White Family, Meatraffle and Paranoid London in times of late, so instantly in the new band obsession stakes they're off to a good start. Like the Fat Whites, they have a sound dependent on a rampant drum stomp and a cosmic organ, but that's pretty much where the comparisons end - well, their drummer used to be in the Fat Whites, but anyhow. Phobophobes are their own brilliant band; they play with menace, they sound determined and self-assured with their dirty Detroit 70s punk meets neo-psychedelia strut, and with this first single they already sound ready to tear the world a new one. It's called No Flavour, and it's already been picked up by 6music as well as basically anyone with a functioning pair of ears that's come into contact with it.

"The only thing that burns is hell" are the first lyrics to their debut single release No Flavour, which sums it up really - they're a fiery band that don't seem phased by anything in their path, and it's an apathetic mission statement that is bristling with promise already. Confident vocal bleats of "no flavour!" adorn each chorus, as every verse refrain ends in the song being thrown into the Wurlitzer chaos created by the otherworldly organ sounds.

They've got a raw sound, but it sounds already like they're the complete package - a new obsession to say the least, these Phobophobes. Anyone feeling a bit disappointed with any of the big indie bands at the moment should get on these, it's a snotty nosed, authentic, garage rock belter, with added psychedelic charm for good balance. Anyway, don't just take my word for it, check it out below.

(written by calum cashin)