8 Mar 2016

Sugarthief @ The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (live review)

Fresh on the B'ham indie scene are Sugarthief, a 4 piece indie band with jangly guitar riffs, insanely catchy choruses and poppy basslines. After slots at other essential Birmingham venues including The Oobleck and Rainbow, the boys headlined The Sunflower Lounge with support from Pollen, Quarry, The Wools and Exhailers.
There was a great atmosphere at this gig with all the bands seeming to have fun on stage and this being reciprocated by the audience. Sugarthief got a big reaction with many dancers at the front, and their lyrics being sang back to them especially considering they have only been gigging since the summer of 2015. Opening with a cover of ‘Money’ by Peace there was an immediate air of happiness, it was Friday and everybody was having a good time (especially as Doug from Peace had been around in the Sunflower just before Sugarthief kicked off). 
Next up was two original songs Crowning Youth and Provide both complete indie pop tracks enticing the crowd to sing along within a couple of verses. 
Then the room lit up with a cover of the anthem that is I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor which certainly got people moving to say the least. Lead singer Jordi James’ vocals help bring a unique take to the covers making them a bit different and interesting to listen to. 
Two Sugarthief tracks Other Song and Leavin’ followed which slowed the tempo down a bit with a more relaxed feel however this didn’t last long with another indie staple Song 2 by Blur being played that everyone loved including the boys on stage. 
Their debut single New Ends (out now on soundcloud, iTunes, spotify etc…) came afterwards which continued the energy, and was a bit heavier than their other tracks with fuller sounding guitars and a louder beat. 
Finishing up the set with You Need Me But I Don’t Need You by Ed Sheeran which sounds slightly out of place but it definitely worked with how the boys switched it up and made it their own. Finally Sugarthief played a cover of Kathleen by Catfish and the Bottlemen that gave the crowd a chance to dance one last time which was much appreciated by many. Overall Sugarthief at The Sunflower Lounge was a great gig by a band who are undoubtedly up and coming. They have got a gig coming up at the o2 academy 3 on April the 15th which I highly suggest you go to if you enjoy the likes of Trash, Viola Beach and Plaza. 
Below you can hear New Ends, their latest single