23 Mar 2016

Top 5 Vaselines Songs

THE Vaselines are a five piece alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Lead on a roller coaster of success by their two front men, Eugene Kelly and McKee they have been present on the music scene since 1986 and continue to perform gigs around the globe. Infamous for their influence on the Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, the Vaselines found most of their recognition in the hands of Nirvana fans worldwide. The subtle truth that had it not been for Kurt Cobain's ultimate devotion to the Vaselines and his openness about how much they impacted him and his fortold style of music, I don't think I'd have ever heard them - once again, thanks Kurt and thanks to the Vaselines for all the groovy music you've blessed us with over the years. To highlight this gratefulness, here are my top 5 favourite songs by the Vaselines themselves:

After many years of jangly guitar music, the Vaselines wrote the masterpiece MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR GOD. Released in 2010, it appeared that the Vaselines were winding down - and some still see it to be that way. However, I, along with many others have cherished their latest album (barring V for Vaselines, of course) my all time favourite Vaselines track has to be this one. The funky, old school vibes shed a light of positivity in an interpretive, toned down, style of rock music. The phono-aesthetics of this song are considerably impressive. The instruments are tactically used in conjunction with the voices of the duo for what seems to be the first time. My favourite line of the track is most certainly "it makes no sense at all" and for me, those 6 words summarise how The Vaselines, despite their outstanding talent and uniqueness, never really broke out into the music scene - their underlying personality will always be one that fascinates me - although, isn't that the same with all great musicians? at least they've lived to tell the tale.

DUM-DUM playing this track louder than necessary, spiting "this is seriously good stuff" in near screams. It was the first Vaselines song either of us had ever heard, we uncovered diamonds and gold that day. A day etched in our minds for until the end of time. Despite it's repetitive traits, this track hold somewhat of a musical genius. Under the hard, chic, surface, only the most attentive minds will notice the seriousness of this song. Under the surface of graceful melodies there lies the loss of a mother, it seems - you wouldn't have though it under the drums drums (see what I did there) and the overall positive vibes this track gives off so freely.

Is this a record you'd expect to hear in the background of Effy Stonem's drug fuelled parties? ABSOLUTELY! Where this record lacks in vocal performance and stamina, the guitar accompanied by a guitar accompanied by, you've got it! Another guitar gives this track a care free feeling. No stress, no demand of listening, just allow your mind to drift into the melodies The Vaselines create so beautifully. This is a great song to study to, with easy listening comes a relaxed mind, and a relaxed mind is a productive one, right?

Now this tune is exactly that, a MAJOR tune! I can imagine myself jamming out at a gig to this track, light hearted, drunken fun. The harmonies so effortlessly created by the duo and the overall partnership of the band, paint the most wonderful picture of summer vacation. It epitomises true, teenage fun - the type we've all envied on the television, the type we all desire. This track is certainly one for camping out in fields with your friends in the middle of August, Fireball bottle in one hand and your lover in the other.

This track was born as a rendition of an old Christian song however, it was most famously covered by Nirvana for MTV Unplugged to which Kurt Cobain and his gang took far more credit than they deserved. With Kurt's health spiralling into demise, covering a religious song came as a shock to many rock enthusiasts both in the 1990s and now. Dare I say it, the small town band The Vaselines transformed and performed this song with the grace and elegance it was made for. For me, the modern twist The Vaselines forced upon this song made the spiritual and religious undertones of the lyrics that much stronger.

So there you have it, 5 top songs by The Vaselines from all ages, eras and psychological beings. There's bound to be something amongst the crowd you can connect with or completely disconnect with, infant. The point is that The Vaselines have a created such fluid music, it's hard not to admire the rustic sound they've produced over the years.

(By Megan Greenwood)