7 Apr 2016

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE : Give Glaciers' nostalgic second single 'The Walls' a whirl

Last month, we brought you a review of the debut single by Portsmouth experimentalists Glaciers, the awe-striking Vivid. We're absolutely ecstatic then, to be here, bring you their second release - if you needed further proof that this band are destined for great things The Walls is it.
A brilliantly structured, compelling dream-pop song, Glaciers walk the tightrope between the introverted and extroverted perfectly here. A slow, lightly treading first half lulls you into a false sense of forlorn security, before a turbo-charged shoegaze middle eight absolutely blows the lid off the thing, reverb, noise and fuzz in tow. The Walls crams a range of emotions in, with its first half pining with nostalgia and sentimentally, and it's winding second half bristling with triumph and serene euphoria. It's really one of the best songs I've heard all year, and well, it's been a good year for songs, so that's a statement, y'know?

Anyway, don't just take my word for it, you can /exclusively/ stream The Walls below, and fall in love with Glaciers, just like I have...

Words: Calum Cashin