1 Apr 2016

Frankie Cosmos / Next Thing (album review)

Frankie Cosmos’ aptly named new album Next Thing is the perfect progression from first album Zentropy which was followed closely by her four song EP Fit Me In. Frankie Cosmos, appears to, with all the melancholy gusto of her prior works, have arrived at a well-established second album that lulls the listener into a limitative state that Is neither sad nor happy. A juxtaposition of upbeat chorus’ with blue lyrics is a balance that remains excellently executed throughout Cosmos’ latest instalment.

The album can only be described a mix between the abstract and the obvious. From the random yet beautifully punchy If I Had A Dog to the statement that Your Name Is A Triangle in Fool. It is unclear as to what Frankie Cosmos’ message is. However, carrying along her ambiguous content are melodies and rhythms so certain it would be likely that you would find some loose armed youth or another waving their hands in appreciation for an artist that seems to get it! Greta Kilne, for want of an alternative name, has been described as making both immense statements and large gestures, (and can) examine situations and relationships with heart breaking sincerity’. A summary I feel accurately encompasses this whole album as well as her raw approach to song writing in general.
Having released two songs as singles prior to the albums official release on the 1st of April, that go by the titles of Sinister and On The Lips, both of which have a certain bite to them. We can only speculate that it is the punchier songs off the album which Frankie Cosmos is championing, an element that was more of a subplot in her previous work. Praised for her rustic bedroom recordings in her earlier days, I feel like, although a clear transition from experimental young adult to accomplished artist has been made this album encompasses both experience and naivety.
It’s not right to pass judgement on whether the intention of this album is for it to be a social commentary of finding oneself, but this is, nonetheless, the sense I get from Next Thing. A beautifully executed second album, which leaves you both: walking down a road with inevitable optimism and lying senseless in your bedroom with a pair of headphones on questioning your existence. An oxymoronic album to say the least, I feel empowered to be youthful.


(written by grace goslin)