3 Apr 2016

Howland / Callout/Slow Down (single review)

The debut single from Southampton's very own Howland arrives with the start of Spring, and aptly, it's like something really bright and exciting is blossoming. The four-piece are renowned for their bright sounds, bristling energy and instant melodies, and the double A-side Callout/Slow Down is a youthful symptom of just that. Bursting with energy, both songs are honed indie-pop songs that chirp with life and ping with energy, and are among the most catchy indie songs to land in my inbox over the past twelve songs.

Frontman Tyler Adams rallies the track on with vocals that have such an adolescent quality to them; he sounds young but as he belts out "I'm waiting for the day to come so you can take me" on Callout he sounds ready to take on the world. Howland are a band already tipped by big indie outlets, and on both these tracks the band sound remarkably tight. Slow Down is a nippy little bit of incredibly fun Strokes-worship, and Callout is a radiant guitar pop number full of life and energy, and obviously, with little indie bands this is an invaluable commodity.

They've been on the scene a year or so Howland, gathering up a lotta acclaim across the board from Southamptonite gig goers, even garnering attention from the likes of Foals (whose DJ set they supported) and the promoters of the nation's capital, but this single might well propel them to the status of nationally tipped indie darlings. They're a talented, tight, hardworking band and in all truth they deserve to be picked up by people far and wide... a stellar debut by a band that will most probably rock your world in days to come.

(written by calum cashin)